Limestone Study

By Jonathan Cross & Ryan Neil

The collaboration between ceramic artist Jonathan Cross and bonsai master Ryan Neil blends the ethereal with the earthly. The series, which features one-of-a-kind creations on view exclusively at Casa Perfect, allows the demarcation between plant and vessel to almost disappear, marrying Neil’s mesmerizing living sculptures with the rustic geometry of Cross’ celebrated work in ceramics.
Each plant is sui generis, range in scale and complexity, leading Cross to design specific vessels to contain them. Some play with verticality, allowing a tree’s winding leaves to cascade down; others mirror the plants ancient contours, with primitive forms that give the appearance that the tree and the vessel have been fused by time. Innovative and eye-opening, the collaboration elevates an ancient technique to fine art.

Limestone Study

By Jonathan Cross & Ryan Neil


Technical Specifications


Made and grown in the United States.


One of a Kind




Bald Cypress (Taxodium Distichum). Corona stoneware, wood fired with cottonwood.


L 26" x W 26" x H 62"




Each composition is unique and will greatly benefit from a seasonal regiment of specialized care and maintenance. These pieces will require:

- Daily Watering - The environment in which the work lives will determine frequency. This routine will shift with changes in climate/sun exposure.
- Seasonal maintenance such as pruning, repotting, and fertilization.
- Styling (wiring of branches) is also advised to optimize the tree's overall health and to continue the development of the initial design.

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