Mirror No. 16

By Ben & Aja Blanc

Mirror No. 16

By Ben & Aja Blanc


The most recent collection of one of a kind mirrors by Ben & Aja Blanc builds on their material skills and expressive form language. These new works draw upon painterly abstract references in both form and technique. Each mirror is made by hand in the studio; pouring and removing silver on glass thus creating a topography of light, surface and reflections. The mirrors serve beyond their original function and expand into the spaces they inhabit through aesthetic function. They also draw upon the long history of mirrors having their focus placed upon the frame as the sole visual element of importance and rather, choose to omit the frame in preference for the mirror itself playing canvas to the visual forms. All the elements of each mirror’s multiple layers serve to draw the viewer into both their own reflection as well as the world around them.

Technical Specifications


Ben & Aja Blanc


United States


One of a Kind




Mirror, Glass, Pigment, Rift White Oak.


L 37" x W 1.5" x H 30"

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