Stool 1 – Multi Yellow

By Seungjin Yang

Seungjin Yang’s Blowing Series started from his intention to transform undefined form of balloons into a type of sculpture through his own interpretations. His work developed from studying the simple behavior of one’s blowing balloons and their form and volume as a consequence, then it became a process of producing balanced structures and rigid textures out of an unstable material: balloon. Since 2013, Seungjin has tried multiple methods to increase the quality of craft from balloons that are highly unstable. A series of trials resulted in the latest piece that is a solid piece of furniture or object made with eight layers of epoxy. Multiple layers of coating brings not only solidity but also glass-like glossy surface and texture to the piece. In his recent work, Seungjin tried a wider array of size and color so that the pieces can deliver higher usability and aesthetic values.
By displaying the process of transforming undefined and fragile balloons into a solid piece of furniture, Seungjin shares the pleasure of identifying unexpectedness in an ordinary material turning into another with the very opposite qualities.

Stool 1 – Multi Yellow

By Seungjin Yang


Technical Specifications


Seungjin Yang


South Korea


Limited Edition




Epoxy resin and balloons.


L 15" x W 15" x H 18.5"


Due to the nature of the process and materials used, each piece is one of a kind by nature.

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