Tribute Chair

By Jason Koharik


A one-of-a-kind sculptural chair, anointed in burnt rose.
"And here sits the Augurs, the foretellers by omen, the truth-seekers. The Stewards of the Sacra. Poured in libation, you are tribute, a deity, sit beside me, salute and rejoice. This chair alone, in bone and tusk. Stark. Bare. Open and armorless. Its calcium and titainium exposed. Its marrow and its minerals evident and obvious. Its natural suede lambs hide has been anointed with extracted rose oils, grown in my studio garden. Seeded and soothed with the cinder, ash and soot. The smoke of burnt rose petals. Placed on an alter. A tribute to you."
Designed and handmade By Jason Koharik 2019.

Tribute Chair

By Jason Koharik


Technical Specifications


Jason Koharik


United States


One of a Kind




Cast aluminum with a titanium white patina finish and lamb hide suede.


W 26" x D 30" x H 42"

Seat height: 18"

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