Willow Celeste

Calico Wallpaper

$28.00 Per square foot

Inspired by striations and water formations, Willow is a pattern comprised of abstractions that explore the movement in the flow of a rivulet, the weep of a willow and the weightless descent of a cherry blossom. An evolution of traditional marbling techniques used to create the Calico collection, Willow introduces new metals and patinas into their repertoire, playing their reflective hues against an array of matte background colors. Willow’s six distinctive patterns capture the ambiguous sensation of at once drifting through water and floating through air.

The galaxy in which we reside is but a speck of dust. Celeste is a bit of paradise that is our true home.


Please note that price is per square foot.

Willow Celeste

Calico Wallpaper

$28.00 Per square foot

Technical Specifications


United States


Made to Order


Type II Substrate fire-rated class A according to ASTM E84.
Washable, scuff resistant, moisture and heat tolerant.


Calico Wallpaper is customized to fit project dimensions and appears seamless when installed.
The maximum width of panels is 52".

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