Sinuous Collection Luster Daub Chocolate

Price Upon Request

A micaceous damask with the light play of a sparkling watery surface. Pulled from the earth, bands of shimmering mica-enriched plaster play off contrasting satiny dales present in this highly textural finish.
The Sinuous Collection is the first of its kind from Callidus Guild, and our most popular collection to date. The natural world served as inspiration for this sensorial and rich body of wallpapers: the earth, its natural elements and organic material is found in our patterns, textures, colorways and materials.
Micaceous and marble dust plasters, precious metals and pigments are sourced from the earth and applied by hand to each sheet of wallpaper. Sheets are completely unique, echoing the irreproducibility of ecosystem and environment.

Sinuous Collection Luster Daub Chocolate

Price Upon Request

Technical Specifications


United States


Made to Order


Marble dust plaster base, painted and plastered by hand.

Custom color matching to a swatch or paint chip is available.


Panel: W 29" x custom length.

Minimum order is 35 yards.

Sold by the linear yard.


Wallpapers deliverable internationally.

Eco-friendly, easy to hang and A-1 fire rated.