Transience Mirror

Transience Mirror

Originating from Lex Pott’s dreamlike Transience Collection, the Transience Mirror was made in collaboration with David Derksen exclusively for The Future Perfect. In keeping with the designer’s celebrated practice – which tends to be highly conceptual in nature – the piece was inspired by the process glass undertakes over time; a slow discoloration and oxidization.

Pott’s Rotterdam-based studio has used this concept as the jumping off point to create a boldly geometric and wildly original mirror that both celebrates this commonplace material and subverts it. The mirror has been divided geometrically, with each panel suggesting states of ‘change’ and an object’s natural life cycle. An organic inspiration with a very technical and modern execution guaranteed to illuminate any environment.
Oxidized silver.

W 19.5" x L 66"

Made in the Netherlands.

  • Transience Mirror

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