Design Miami – Basel 2018

John Hogan, Christopher Stuart, Reinaldo Sanguino, Chris Wolston & Eric Roinestad Miami June 12 - June 17, 2018

The Future Perfect makes its debut at Design Miami/ Basel after three successful years showing at Design Miami/. Presenting its roster of collectible and museum-acquired contemporary artists, the gallery has commissioned special editions from John Hogan, Eric Roinestad, Reinaldo Sanguino, Christopher Stuart, and Chris Wolston, all showing for the first time in Basel.

John Hogan’s latest collection of blown glass furniture showcases the artist’s ability to transform the material into something provocative and innovative. To create the limited edition series of tables, Iris and Cerulean, the artist pushed the limits of technique and construction. Made from blown glass, the tables use a mix of uranium glass and other experimental, reactive colorants, to engage dynamically and change dramatically when exposed to natural sunlight. The diameter of each table represents the largest possible mouth blown form.

Eric Roinestad expands on his collection of ceramic stoneware vessels, wall, floor and hanging lights, working with bold new compositions. Roinestad’s artistic journey is front and center as is his singular ability to synthesize divergent aesthetics in a thoroughly original way. For the latest collection, he has drawn insight from the masterful forms created by Bauhaus pioneer Oskar Schlemmer and the oeuvre of Carlo Scarpa and Tomaso Buzzi. New vessels with masklike features are formed by the heightening or subtracting of material to reveal profiles, eyes and mouths.

Exhibiting a sense of unrestrained creativity, Reinaldo Sanguino’s ceramic works offer a balancing act of expression and control. Like his instantly iconic stools, Sanguino’s chairs use clay as both structure and canvas, with each piece bearing the artist’s signature graffiti style graphics and vivid color palette. After his Design Miami debut in 2017, Sanguino takes on new levels of experimentation in both form and texture. His first ever bench makes its debut at Design Miami/Basel and darker glazes, an opposition to previous work, offer a new color palette to Sanguino’s repertoire.

Christopher Stuart describes his continuing Constructs and Glitches collection as “sculpture at furniture scale. ” The Glitches range is made up of unusual computer distorted pieces that derive their forms from ‘glitches’ produced by the normally-precise CAD design software. ‘Constructs’ are comprised of simple sculptural forms that are reliant on one another for balance. The now iconic U Bench best exemplifies this concept with its two interlocking domed structures which invert on themselves to create a visual tension. This new bronze edition, debuting at Design Miami/Basel features a hand applied Verdigris patina, furthering Stuarts material dialogue.

Aluminum works from Chris Wolston employ abstracted body and jungle motifs to illustrate the artist’s vibrant and wonderful world. Wolston combines his interest in ancient influences and postmodern fabrication with a new cabinet, coffee table, and wall installation. Inspired by the surroundings of his studio in Medellin, Colombia, Wolston has created wildly colorful aluminum pieces; collaging bodies or leaves, flowers and fruit into a rich patchwork. Wolston’s Tropical Cabinet, his first experimentation with coloring aluminum though anodization, uses leaves and flowers to define its silhouette like a patch of technicolor jungle ripped from a comic forest. A wicker interior offers a fresh, tactile contrast to the luminescent exterior.