Founded by David Alhadeff in 2003, The Future Perfect is one of the world’s foremost contemporary design galleries, distinguished by its range of vision and curatorial focus, which showcases studio-created works alongside one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces.

In its nearly 20-year history, the gallery has introduced highly collectible works by seminal design talents such as Lindsey Adelman, Jason Miller, and Piet Hein Eek. Acting as both a catalyst and an industry authority, The Future Perfect has forged relationships with some of the world’s most influential artists, designers, and craftspeople.

Today, The Future Perfect’s prestigious gallery program is tailored to each of its unique locations in North America, with houses in Manhattan’s West Village and Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills, and a gallery in San Francisco. Each space offers specialized programming that includes exclusive exhibitions from cutting-edge contemporary artists as well as an eclectic mix of contemporary production and gallery pieces.

The New York Times has called Alhadeff the “foremost champion of American design.” Each Future Perfect location – be it in New York or California – offers site-specific collections that adhere to Alhadeff’s original vision: the coalescence of playfulness, craftsmanship, and innovation. Alhadeff and The Future Perfect also continue to expand their community: shifting the borders between gallerist, dealer, and merchant, opening new pathways for artists and collectors alike.


David Alhadeff founded The Future Perfect in 2003 and in the interceding years has grown it into an internationally renowned platform for the preeminent voices in contemporary art and design — leading The New York Times to declare Alhadeff as the “foremost champion of American design.”

Alhadeff has pioneered and perfected the idea of re-imagining the gallery in a residential environment. He has brought this vision to life in domestic, commercial, and international exhibition spaces, including multiple permanent installations in historic and architecturally relevant homes in New York and Los Angeles. 

The Future Perfect offers site-specific collections in its New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles locations, perpetuating Alhadeff’s original vision of playfulness, craftsmanship, and innovation.