Floris Wubben

Floris Wubben New York Casa Through Feb 2021

Just in from Floris Wubben

Appropriate for the beginning of a new year, we present to you new work by Floris Wubben, currently on view at Casa Perfect NY. A long-time staple of our programming, Wubben demonstrates an ability to experiment and grow through the use of a stolid vocabulary. Familiar yet unexpected and inventive, these works implement a new vision from a stylistically prophetic artist who is highly competent, resourceful and determined. While some of the processes may be instantly recognizable, Wubben has expanded his lexicon to include invigorating new forms and apparatuses. Incorporating mirrors, lighting and a range of glazes, Wubben’s ceramics are dynamic and expressive while maintaining a soft, poetic eloquence.

From the colorful burlesque of the Standing Mirror to the sophisticated material explorations of his Twelve Forty Chairs, this assortment is sure to engage newcomers and please long-time fans. Visit Wubben’s exhibition in person at Casa Perfect New York.



Available Works: