Forbidden Fruit

Chris Wolston Los Angeles July 11 - August 1, 2019

The Future Perfect is pleased to present an exhibition by Chris Wolston at Casa Perfect Los Angeles on July 11th.

Wolston has expanded on his celebrated Lost in Paradise collection with chairs, tables, mirrors, and lamps. Like earlier collections, the work has a puzzle-like feel featuring a constellation of intricate motifs that come together to create an exuberant visual impact.

As in the past, Wolston’s new furniture conveys his distinct narrative voice by employing sand-casted and mirror-polished aluminum pieces that are based on hand illustrations. The result is a compelling and tactile design statement that continues to resonate with collectors and press.

Life in Colombia has informed several of Wolston’s recent collections. The collection derives it sense of quixotic wonder when his interest in ancient influences is juxtaposed with postmodern production. This wholly original aesthetic vernacular offers the bolder a quixotic and slightly instinctual translation,

Using Wolston’s freeform aluminum process, the table, for instance, evinces Wolston’s maturation as an artisan and furniture maker. With its unapologetic ‘wild Tropicana’ approach, the collection also epitomizes Wolston’s fearlessness as an artist and ability to surprise and delight.

For the show, Chris Wolston has also expanded on the Nalgona chair, which he created exclusively for The Chair exhibition at The Future Perfect in May. The Nalgona chair is woven of 100% Colombian Mimbre (Wicker) harvested in the Colombian Amazon. Wolston wanted to create something that was soft but still maintained strong materiality. “A lot of furniture and material objects are made for humans, and yet they steer away from embodying human-like forms. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually embrace these similarities?” says Wolston. The human form riffs on the iconic shape of the plastic Remax Chair, ubiquitous through Colombia, and the playful humanoid quality found in pre-Columbian ceramics.