Inner Space

JB Blunk, Isamu Noguchi, Ian Collings, Minjae Kim & Alana Burns Los Angeles February 28 - May 1, 2024

For Frieze Los Angeles 2024, The Future Perfect presents Inner Space, a group presentation of historic and contemporary design, which includes works from JB Blunk, Isamu Noguchi, Alana Burns, Ian Collings, and Minjae Kim.

The work of American sculptor JB Blunk serves as the conceptual anchor for Inner Space, which utilizes the material and practical diversity of Blunks’s oeuvre as a template for versatility and vulnerability. It is an openness that allows in the elements, as represented by the venerated work of Isamu Noguchi, stretching its arms through history to the twenty-first century with works from Alana Burns, Ian Collings, and Minjae Kim. Showcasing the overlap in the historical practices of Blunk and Noguchi as extrapolated through the vibrant practices of three contemporary artists, Inner Space allows for the endless unfolding of a unique point in time.

The works in this exhibition have found an anatomical symmetry in The Future Perfect’s Los Angeles home. In seeking to tell the profound and unique story of each individual artist, we have fashioned a larger narrative that pulls the viewer through interwoven histories and ecologies. Inner Space seeks to simultaneously show both the micro and macro contexts for a story as old as time and as real as the body.

Inner Space will be on view at The Goldwyn House through May 1, 2024.

Exhibited Works