Tesserae in Bloom

Cody Hoyt New York October 12 - December 21, 2023

Named for the tiles used to create mosaics, Tesserae in Bloom is the newest collection of work from Cody Hoyt. Employing historical craft methods, Hoyt engages with image making, abstract dimensionality and color composition through a segmented and meticulous approach to the construction of these objects. Captivating the viewer on multiple, simultaneously occurring image planes, Hoyt’s work engenders a sense of shifting perspective, which negotiates space and allows those who encounter it to experience the construction of an image as an object and vice-versa. 

Tesserae in Bloom will be presented alongside a special wallpaper designed by Hoyt and created in collaboration with Calico Wallpaper. Compatible with Hoyt’s background in printmaking, Calico has pulled iconographic gestures from the artist’s work and compressed them into two dimensions, finding a unique perspective through which to view the astute work of this vital artist. 

Tesserae in Bloom will be on view on the garden level of The Future Perfect’s New York gallery through December 31, 2023.

Exhibited Works