Axel Chay

Axel Chay is a self-taught artist, influenced by evocative colors, graphic waves, and sensual curves, creating odes to women, their solar sensuality, and to their spirit. Chay is deeply influenced by the Mediterranean Sea, where he likes to spend time swimming.
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A free spirit who gives birth to pieces that are both contemporary and sculptural, Chay sites Donald Judd, Julio Le Parc, and Tom Wesselmann as figures who inspired his drawings. His work is a tribute to kinetic art and the Memphis movement.

His playground: experimenting with new materials. Steel, aluminum, cork, wood, expanded foam or even plaster enrich his technical and singular creations. Breaking with current design, Chay seeks rarity above all and creates a radical aesthetic that makes the object a sculptural piece with a real presence in a space. His projects, whether interior design, decoration, design, or art all demonstrate his love for the Mediterranean.
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