Lichen Table

By Charlotte Kingsnorth

Starting at: $13,125.00

Lichen Table

By Charlotte Kingsnorth

Starting at: $13,125.00

With the careful application of specially formulated lichen-like patina, this rudimentary bronze table form is sprouting with a colorful garden of fungal textures. Layers lichen-like patina tarnish the body of the table. The inside surface of the cylindrical base glows a fiery orange and tonal blues as a result of the heat application.

16-18 Weeks Lead-Time

Technical Specifications

Lead Time

16-18 Weeks


United Kingdom


Made to Order




Phosphor Bronze, available in a Dark Lichen Patina or a Rosa Lichen Patina finish.


Small: L 30.3" x W 23.6" x H 8.8"

Medium: L 31.5" x W 23.6" x H 13.4"

Large: L 39.7" x W 31.5" x H 13.5"


Each of these pieces are hand made to order, and one-of-a-kind by nature, so slight variations may naturally occur. Please inquire directly for custom size and finish options.

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