New Work + New Ways of Working from John Hogan

John Hogan New York November 12 - November 30, 2020

We are thrilled to present the captivating glass art of Seattle-based artist John Hogan, whose work exemplifies both visual allure and conceptual depth. Hogan’s artistic practice encompasses functional objects and fine art sculptures, all of which are characterized by their mesmerizing exploration of refracted light. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of sources, his pieces elevate and redefine the surrounding space with subtle grace. We are delighted to feature Hogan’s latest creations at Casa Perfect New York, as we continue to curate and celebrate the exceptional talent of this artist.

Hogan’s approach seamlessly combines traditional craftsmanship with contemporary influences. His coldworking techniques, deeply rooted in Eastern European traditions, highlight the simplicity and pure optical qualities of glass. Simultaneously, his inventive use of color and modern formal references adds a contemporary and unexpected dimension to his work. In his most recent pieces, Hogan employs specialized color-changing glass, achieved by exposing the applied colorant to a rich flame, resulting in captivating transformations.

We are excited to unveil an ongoing collaboration between John Hogan and photographer Amanda Ringstad, offering an exclusive glimpse into their joint artistic endeavor. As a recurring theme in Hogan’s work, photography finds a pronounced presence in this collaboration. Through Ringstad’s lens, Hogan’s exquisite glass sculptures enter a new visual dimension, where their connection to photography is made explicit. This partnership signifies an exciting chapter in which these two artists will continue to collaborate and develop their shared vision.

To explore this compelling collaboration further, we invite you to view the stunning images and delve into the creative process on The Present Tense, where you can discover more about this intriguing artistic dialogue.

Exhibited Works