New Work + New Ways of Working from John Hogan

John Hogan New York Nov 2020

Seattle-based glass artist John Hogan produces complex work that is visually mesmerizing and conceptually rigorous. Encompassing functional objects and fine art sculpture, Hogan’s glass work is highly distinctive in its exploration of refracted light. Pulling from a diverse array of references, these pieces elevate and subtly re-define the space around them. Hogan’s newest works are now on view at Casa Perfect New York, where we take great joy in our continuing curation of this singular artist.

His work marries tradition with modern influences: his coldworking techniques (the cutting and polishing process) are steeped in old Eastern European practices, which emphasize simplicity and the pure, optical quality of glass; while his rich, inventive use of color and formal references are more contemporary and unexpected. His most recent work uses specialized, color-changing glass – an effect achieved by exposing the raw colorant to a rich flame right after application.

We are pleased to unveil a first look into an ongoing collaboration between glass artist John Hogan and photographer Amanda Ringstad. A staple of our curatorial programming, Hogan has for some time engaged with the reference to photography inherent in his work. In this collaboration with Ringstad, his exquisite glass sculptures have come to occupy a new visual dimension, in which their relationship to photography is made explicit and upon which these two artists will continue to collaborate and build.

View the images and read more about this collaboration below on The Present Tense.

Exhibited Works