Claudy Jongstra

Claudy Jongstra San Francisco June 8 - August 1, 2023

Experience a special bi-coastal presentation of works by legendary textile artist Claudy Jongstra. Created exclusively for The Future Perfect, we have incorporated these works into new presentations in both our New York townhouse and San Francisco gallery.

Simultaneously at home in their surroundings, while functioning as fully independent art objects, these pieces show the range of Jongstra’s craft and vernacular, as we allow works that follow the recognizable form of rugs to communicate with those positioned on the wall, creating a dialogue between these objects and their respective contexts. Just as we split this work between the floor and the wall, we similarly have chosen to show it in multiple venues, to demonstrate how easily Jongstra’s work embraces the duality between the objects we admire and those we actively live with.

Claudy Jongstra has gained worldwide recognition for her extraordinary textile artworks and architectural installations. Her creations feature organic textures and vibrant hues, showcasing her exceptional expertise in ancient techniques such as wool felting and plant-based dyeing.

Jongstra’s remarkable body of work can be found not only in large public spaces but also in renowned international museums, institutions, private collections, and corporate settings. In 2001, she established her studio in Friesland, a picturesque rural province in The Netherlands. Alongside her partner Claudia Busson, she developed a biodynamic farm called De Kreake in Húns. The farm serves as a hub for cultivating dyers plants and preserving generic seed for future propagation.

To create her art, Jongstra locally sources wool from a rare flock of indigenous Drenthe Heath sheep, which happens to be the oldest breed in Northern Europe. Her philosophy embodies a radical soil-to-soil approach, emphasizing a no-waste mindset and fostering inclusive collaborations. Through this sustainable and community-based process, Jongstra brings to life captivating artworks that exude charisma and charm.

We invite you to come by either (or both) of these spaces to view and interact with this truly unique work from Claudy Jongstra, along with everything else we have brought into our space in preparation for summer 2023.

Exhibited Works