Colin King for The Future Perfect

Colin King October 12, 2023 - February 25, 2024

Colin King’s Variations collection, made for and produced by The Future Perfect is a gentle reconciliation of grandiosity and quietude, improvisation and composition. Named for a series of performances by legendary dancer and choreographer Merce Cunningham, Variations employs a similarly spontaneous choreography of the unexpected. As though the pieces are dancing with their environment, this collection navigates space as does a series of bodies, whose shared language is found through the implication of movement. The Variations collection exemplifies the graceful and timeless aesthetics shared by Colin King and The Future Perfect.

These works have been designed by Colin King exclusively for The Future Perfect to produce, and are the end result of a longstanding, collaborative conversation between the two. As a whole, Variation is a comprehensive investigation of sanctuary, elegance, and subtlety. Individually, these pieces embrace modularity and universality that will allow them to find the room within a space and space within a story.

The Variations Collection is on view in all of The Future Perfect’s locations.

Exhibited Works