Design Miami/ 2018

Floris Wubben, Eric Roinestad, Chris Wolston, John Hogan, Chen Chen & Kai Williams, Reinaldo Sanguino & Christopher Stuart Miami, Florida December 5 - December 9, 2018

For this year’s Design Miami, The Future Perfect once again dropped anchor in Florida with some of the most exciting names in collectible American design in tow. Building on the exuberant reception of our debut showcase in Basel, Switzerland, company founder David Alhadeff presented specially commissioned editions from John Hogan, Eric Roinestad, Reinaldo Sanguino, Christopher Stuart and Chris Wolston.
For the first time, the gallery also presented exceptional work by Amsterdam-based Floris Wubben (ceramic tables and a planter), glass-blowing maestro Jochen Holtz (lighting) and New York-based duo Chen Chen and Kai Williams (furniture and lighting).
The Future Perfect’s standout booth was designed for maximum visual impact. Alhadeff opted for a restrained ecru scheme – which recalled luxe interiors of the 1970s – against which pieces of vivid color and awe-inspiring texture would come alive. This juxtaposition felt uniquely suited to the tropical climate of Miami. It was a stage where crowd-pleasing pieces such as Chris Wolston’s Lost in Paradise chandelier and interstellar glass panels from John Hogan looked right at home.