Ian Collings at Casa Perfect Los Angeles

Ian Collings Los Angeles December 3 - December 31, 2020

The Future Perfect is delighted to present a compelling collection of new works by sculptor and designer Ian Collings. With a profound appreciation for diverse references, Collings’s creations captivate on both philosophical and visual levels. They exist as touchstones within a larger cosmology, encompassing the realms of reality, psyche, and hallucination. Through his formalistic approach, Collings’s works are not the culmination but rather the genesis of artistic exploration.

Ian Collings, an American sculptor and designer residing in Ojai, CA, and Pavones, Costa Rica, draws inspiration from his immersion in the natural world and a profound intellectual inquiry into the nature of existence. In this remarkable collection, Collings delves into specialized areas of study, showcasing his deep understanding of materiality as an ever-changing phenomenon. Each sculpture within the exhibition stands as a small monolith, capturing the fleeting nature of human touch and the passage of time through matter. Resembling movable mountains, these sculptural pieces bear witness to Collings’s unique abstractions, beckoning us to ponder the essence of creation itself. They possess an enduring quality that evokes a sense of timeless existence while simultaneously emerging into being at the very moment they are encountered.

Collings’s sculptural prowess seamlessly translates into his furniture creations. Engaging in a dialectical interplay between object construction and transient processes, these pieces exemplify the synthesis of raw, metamorphosed materials derived from the Earth. Like “primary data,” they embody functional objects that testify to the transformative power of craftsmanship.

While Collings has dedicated himself to his sculptural work after leaving the company he co-founded, Fort Standard, in 2018, his talent as a furniture maker remains evident. You can now experience his captivating creations at Casa Perfect Los Angeles, where they will be on view until December. The exhibition promises to be a thought-provoking exploration of Collings’s artistic vision, with images and video courtesy of the talented photographer Yoshihiro Makino accompanying the display.

Exhibited Works