Casa Perfect Los Angeles 3.0

Los Angeles February 14 - May 1, 2020

The Future Perfect is pleased to announce the fourth installment of the Casa Perfect concept, and its third in Los Angeles. The new Casa Perfect LA is located in a Trousdale Estates home designed by Raul F. Garduno in 1971. For the debut, The Future Perfect presents an exhibition of new works from the Wonky collection by artist Matthew Day Jackson.

Conceived with a comedy performance in mind, the Wonky collection is made using only basic tools, without precise measurement. This playful approach in response to materials and process leads to a sometimes uncertain outcome for each piece - imbuing the collection with a sense of chaos. Bubbles appear in the fiberglass, neither surface nor paint is perfect and symmetry is never achieved. The triumph of the Wonky collection is in how its forms express the hand, humor and vulnerability of the author.

The new Casa Perfect is also energized with new work from The Future Perfect’s entire program, including artists Floris Wubben, Chris Wolston, John Hogan, Chen Chen & Kai Williams, Bari Ziperstein, Eric Roinestad, Cody Hoyt, Ben & Aja Blanc, Seungjin Yang, Christopher Stuart and Reinaldo Sanguino, in addition to pieces from gallery mainstays De La Espada, Calico Wallpaper, Lindsey Adelman, David Weeks and more.