Momentary Pause

Los Angeles Feb 2022 - Mar 2022


We present to you Momentary Pause, our special exhibition that is part of Frieze, Los Angeles 2022. Installed in Casa Perfect LA, Momentary Pause elaborates on the backdrop of natural and manmade beauty that pervades this classic Trousdale Estates home designed by Raul F. Garduno in 1971. 

“Momentary Pause” refers to the moment when the eye rests in looking; the fleeting quiet of a winding gaze. These are objects that allow the viewer the space to pause and rest in moments that may be spacious, detailed, illusionistic or textural. These works all have a unique way of guiding the eye to the meditative resting point that occurs in the midst of an object.

We have curated this show as a place for reflection and contemplation. We invite you to move through these works as you would through your own thoughts, resting where your eye takes you. 

Momentary Pause includes work from Bradley Bowers, Chen Chen & Kai Williams, Cody Hoyt, Dan John Anderson, Eric Roinestad, Floris Wubben, Guy Corriero, Ian Collings, John Hogan, Jason Koharik, Olivia Cognet, Piet Hein Eek, Rachel Shillander, Reinaldo Sanguino.

Photography captured by Elizabeth Carababas.


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