Momentary Pause

Los Angeles February 17 - March 25, 2022

Welcome to “Momentary Pause,” an exclusive exhibition showcased as part of Frieze Los Angeles 2022. Set within the captivating Casa Perfect LA, this exhibition is an exploration of the symbiosis between natural and human-made beauty within the iconic Trousdale Estates home, originally designed by Raul F. Garduno in 1971.

In this sanctuary of “Momentary Pause,” the exhibition goes beyond showcasing art; it creates an immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of time and space. As visitors engage with these carefully selected objects, they are invited to surrender to the power of stillness and immerse themselves in the depths of their own thoughts.

Within this curated collection, the artworks offer a range of experiences, each with its own captivating allure. Some pieces beckon with expansiveness, drawing the viewer into vast and boundless realms. Others unravel intricate details, inviting close inspection and revealing hidden layers of meaning. Illusions come to life, challenging perception and sparking curiosity. Textures unfold under fingertips, evoking a tactile connection that resonates within.

Every artwork possesses a distinct quality, a magnetic force that guides the eye towards a focal point of meditation. In this contemplative space, viewers are encouraged to pause, to embrace the stillness, and to explore the introspective pathways that unfold within.

The space becomes a catalyst for personal reflection, a respite from the hurried pace of everyday life. It offers solace, a momentary respite from the noise and distractions, allowing visitors to reconnect with their inner selves and discover new perspectives.

“Momentary Pause” features a diverse selection of artists, including Bradley Bowers, Chen Chen & Kai Williams, Cody Hoyt, Dan John Anderson, Eric Roinestad, Floris Wubben, Guy Corriero, Ian Collings, John Hogan, Jason Koharik, Olivia Cognet, Piet Hein Eek, Rachel Shillander, and Reinaldo Sanguino.

The captivating photography capturing the essence of this exhibition is beautifully rendered by Elizabeth Carababas.

Exhibited Works