Ian Collings San Francisco Oct 2023 - Nov 2023

Movements, the newest body of work from Ian Collings, is an elaboration of the artist’s understanding of movement as a metaphysical and transformative process. In these works, the material becomes an intermediary for shapeshifting bodies and a catalyst for the emergence of time, capturing impermanence in a fixed position, through stone. The newest iteration of Collings’ practice, which explores the simultaneous obdurance and surprising malleability of stone and the stories it carries, Movements imagines the state changes of its material and the context it occupies, from matter to energy, inorganic to organic and non-sentient to sentient. Through these works, Collings seeks to understand stone as a repository of historical collective consciousness and to find the shape of transformation itself. Experience Movements in our San Francisco gallery through the end of November.

Exhibited Works