Nilufar Open Edition

Nilufar New York November 9, 2023 - February 1, 2024

In a harmonious convergence of visionary design, The Future Perfect and Nilufar have seamlessly joined forces, transcending traditional boundaries to forge an unparalleled collaboration. Presenting Open Edition for the first time in the United States, over 100 meticulously crafted pieces in bright hues and rich patterns, including sofas, dining tables, carpets, and lighting, the collection redefines functional design. A testament to the visionary curation of Nilufar Founder Nina Yashar, this unique sensibility encapsulates the essence of Nilufar, offering enthusiasts worldwide an opportunity to embrace pieces that were traditionally bound by limited editions or entirely unique creations. The collection, a collaborative effort with some of Nilufar’s marquee names, is a celebration of remarkable quality and aesthetics.

Founded in 1979 by Nina Yashar, Nilufar stands as one of the most prominent design galleries in the world, serving as a central influence in the realm of design. Guided by Yashar’s unmistakable vision, Nilufar has firmly established itself as a premier destination for collectors, institutions, and design enthusiasts, with a legacy spanning over four decades. Yashar’s visionary approach to design transcends temporal and geographical boundaries, resulting in a modern, multicultural perspective that seamlessly blends diverse styles and aesthetics.

Nilufar showcases the works of contemporary talents, including Martino Gamper, Bethan Laura Wood, Audrey Large, and Objects of Common Interest, while also paying homage to iconic design masters from the past, such as Italian luminaries Gio Ponti, Osvaldo Borsani, and BBPR, alongside Brazilian greats like Lina Bo Bardi, Jorge Zalszupin, and Joaquim Tenreiro. In 2023, Nilufar introduced the Open Edition, the gallery’s first-ever own range of design pieces, consisting of over 100 items signed by some of the most riveting talents in the contemporary design panorama.

A selection of the Open Edition collection will be on view on the parlor level of The Future Perfect’s New York gallery through February 1, 2024.

Exhibited Works