Jane Yang-D'Haene Los Angeles Jun 2023 - Aug 2023

Taking root in Yang-D’Haene’s memories of her childhood in Korea, Remembrance presents a moving tribute to an intuitive sense of familial craft culture, which stores itself at the fingertips and is passed through generations. Gestural and searching, like a drawing from memory, the exhibition forms an impressionistic depiction of the visual traditions found within the pastoral landscapes of the artist’s homeland. The imperfections and irregularities emerging from the experimentation intrinsic to Yang-D’Haene’s process serve a narrative function in portraying the space between Korean and American identities, where the artist has found herself since moving to New York at the age of 18 to train as an architect at Cooper Union.

“When I came to ceramics in 2016, I approached it as a form of therapy, ” says Jane Yang-D’Haene. “I think that’s why I’m still so drawn to making vessels, for their metaphoric potential in holding one’s struggles, feelings, and memories. At the same time, the challenges the element of chance presents when working with clay are antithetical to the sense of control and exactitude that my architectural training has ingrained in me; adopting this craft has taught me to accept imperfection and find beauty in it; to let go.”

Experience Remembrance, now on view now in our Los Angeles gallery through August 4, 2023.