Dan John Anderson San Francisco Oct 2022 - Dec 2022

Introducing “Ripple,” a captivating collection by artist Dan John Anderson, hailing from Yucca Valley, California. Anderson’s unwavering commitment to his craft is beautifully manifested in this latest body of work. By dedicating himself to the process, he allows the forms to naturally emerge, resulting in pieces that exude a tranquil and profound sense of depth. Created amidst the desert landscape, the artworks in Ripple serve as an ecological extension of Anderson’s deep connection with his surroundings.

Each work within Ripple can be seen as an embodiment of gratitude and intimacy, meticulously crafted by an artist who invests his emotions into every creation. The contours of each piece breathe with life, offering a glimpse into Anderson’s profound contemplation and unwavering dedication to his craft.

Dan John Anderson’s upbringing in rural Eastern Washington, coupled with his years spent in the midst of the Pacific Northwest’s majestic forests while studying at the Oregon College of Art & Craft in Portland, shaped his initial fascination with wood as a material. Anderson continues to hold reverence for this medium, along with other craft-based materials that boast a rich history rooted in collaboration, laborious effort, and practicality. Presently, Anderson and his studio are based in Yucca Valley, California. His artwork has been showcased in prestigious venues such as the Palm Springs Art Museum, A-Z West, NYC Design Week, MATTER NYC, and Curator’s Cube Japan.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience Ripple, which is currently on display at The Future Perfect’s San Francisco gallery until November.

Exhibited Works