Seungjin Yang & Bower Studios

Seungjin Yang Los Angeles May 9 - June 21, 2019

The Future Perfect is pleased to present an exhibition by Seoul-based designer Seungjin Yang at Casa Perfect Los Angeles, opening May 9th during Legends Art Fair.

Seungjiin Yang is best known for his “Blowing Series,” in which blown balloons are coated with epoxy resin and shaped as furniture, such as chairs, benches, and stools. Yang was attracted to the idea of transforming fragile balloons into solid sculptures through his own interpretations. His inspiration recalls childhood memories, yet his process incorporates industrial furniture making. “I tried to turn a simple making process based on my personal childhood memories into an industrial fabrication furniture-making process,” as told to Dezeen.

The multi-step process begins with blowing up balloons into the desired shape and size, and then affixing them to form furniture, including chairs, benches, and stools. Epoxy resin is then poured over the pieces, and repeated a total of eight times, in order to create a durable and rigid structure that is able to support the weight. The process takes a week to complete a single stool. Once complete, the resin takes on a glossy surface resembling glass. Yang recently told Dezeen, “I was fascinated by a form that is changed into a transparent and clear surface like glass when I set epoxy resin on balloons.


Seungjin Yang (b. 1986) grew up in a city located in far east side of Korea surrounded with mountains. He received a BA in metal art & design from Hongik University in Feb 2013. His inspirations come from ‘people’ whom he works with rather than other environmental or cultural issues, putting more weight on communicating with them through a variety of collaborating effort. Seungjin started with his simple interest in unexpected forms of balloons that are randomly defined at time of being blown. He has been using balloons as base material to produce solid crafts. Balloon is the easiest to manipulate the volume while it contains unexpectedness of being mass-y and solid opposite to assumptions on its original quality that is rather weak and soft. In his recent work, he is trying to extend through more playful colors and experimental forms. His recent projects include group exhibitions at Kumho Museum, Museum of Cultures Milano, DDP, Seoul Museum of Art, and international projects such as XXl Triennale di Milano, and Design Days Dubai. He currently lives and works in Seoul.



Bower is a New York City–based studio with a multidisciplinary approach to contemporary furniture and product design. With a focus on mirrors, they explore perceptions of depth, light and self. The company also offers unique collections of furniture, lighting and accessories, as well as artist collaborations, design partnerships and interior design.

Through a free–thinking, experimental process, Bower aims to bring unexpected objects and environments into people’s lives, with reflections taking center stage. Of all the things we surround ourselves with every day, the mirror is most closely related to our consciousness—a humble technology for understanding ourselves. This defining spirit of discovery is present throughout their collections and is passed on to those who engage with a Bower design.

Bower Studios is comprised of partners Danny Giannella, Tammer Hijazi and Jeffrey Renz