Casey McCafferty Los Angeles Aug 2022 - Oct 2022



True to its name, Transcendence, the newest body of work from Casey McCafferty represents a striving towards the boundless and sublime. Inspired by mythology, these works engage in the act of reaching – through the conceptual narrative that they present and the stretched out, larger than life gestures implied by their forms. With organic contours following the innate paths embedded in the materials, McCafferty allows his hand to find the story he wishes to tell.


The works included in Transcendence are highly linguistic, demonstrating an original syntax that McCafferty consistently employs throughout. Like paragraphs on a page, these objects are cumulative statements that relate to one another on a cellular level. McCafferty’s interpretive use of a common object vernacular allows us to find the mythological in the everyday, allowing us to transcend the ordinary with a renewed sense of wonder.


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Exhibited Works: