Casey McCafferty Los Angeles Aug 2022 - Oct 2022

In a testament to its evocative title, Transcendence, Casey McCafferty’s latest collection embodies a relentless pursuit of the limitless and the sublime. Drawing inspiration from mythology, these works immerse viewers in a journey of reaching beyond boundaries. Through their conceptual narratives and expansive forms, they evoke a sense of stretched-out, larger-than-life gestures. Guided by the innate paths embedded in the materials, McCafferty’s hands find the stories they wish to tell.

Transcendence showcases a highly expressive language, a distinctive syntax that McCafferty consistently employs. Like paragraphs on a page, each object in this collection forms a cumulative statement, intricately interconnected on a cellular level. McCafferty’s interpretive approach to everyday objects allows us to discover the mythological woven within the ordinary, enabling us to transcend the mundane and embrace a renewed sense of wonder.

Within Transcendence, the organic contours of the artworks flow along their intrinsic paths, resonating with the viewer’s own journey of exploration. McCafferty’s skillful manipulation of materials brings forth a harmonious dialogue between form and substance. Each piece invites us to delve into its depths, encouraging us to uncover hidden narratives and contemplate the interconnectedness of existence.

In a remarkable convergence of the tangible and the mythical, Transcendence invites us to explore the world through an enchanting lens. Casey McCafferty’s profound understanding of the language of objects empowers us to surpass the confines of the ordinary, revealing the extraordinary concealed within the familiar. As we engage with these captivating works, we embark on a transformative journey that embraces the boundless and delves into realms of profound introspection and awe.

Through Transcendence, McCafferty’s artistic prowess transcends mere craftsmanship, transcending the physical boundaries of the materials to convey deeper meaning. Each artwork becomes a conduit for a narrative that goes beyond the visible, touching upon universal themes and evoking a sense of wonder. These pieces beckon us to pause, to contemplate, and to reimagine our place in the world.

Experience this work in person at The Future Perfect’s Goldwyn House though October, 2022.

Exhibited Works