Aude Van Ryn

Celebrated Belgian illustrator and ceramicist Aude Van Ryn creates handmade prints, tableware, figurines and sculptures. She has developed a vibrant, abstract aesthetic, incorporating dots, lines and geometric shapes, alongside brightly colored plants, flowers and birds. Aude moved to London aged 21 to study illustration at Central Saint Martins. She went on to study at the Royal College of Art and has created distinctive illustrations for publications such as The Guardian and The New Yorker.
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Aude Van Ryn's practice explores the aesthetic of forms, found in nature, everyday objects and in the human figure through clay. Influences and visual inspiration come from various sources, from mid 20th century art movements to ceremonial objects from primitive and ritualistic cultures. The pieces are intriguing and curious yet familiar and tactile - their role or purpose undefined, allowing the viewer not to be overly guided and for the sculptures to have a language of their own. Her approach to her work is through seeing and making, texturing clay, cutting, assembling, composing and creating alongside a visual vocabulary.
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