Casey McCafferty

Casey McCafferty exercises respect for material and traditional techniques in each piece he creates. Working with raw materials, applying both Old World craft and unorthodox experimentation, he seeks the intersections where tactility, substance, and heft meet concept and metaphor. A recent transplant from Brooklyn, McCafferty creates work that reflects his natural surroundings, while exploring the boundaries between craftsmanship, art, and technique.
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McCafferty studied international business but always had a shop where he could get his hands dirty. He has always been interested in getting busy with his hands and would spend his free time working with them.

From an early age, McCafferty was working with his dad on rough carpentry and masonry. As he progressed to his teenage years, his interests turned to building computers, motorized gas scooters, and fiberglass enclosures for subwoofers. All of these had the same thing in common: using his hands to take parts and create a form.

After a couple of years of working at a bank, McCafferty quit in pursuit of building furniture full time. That led him to Los Angeles for a clean start and then full circle back to the east coast. He does not have any formal art or craft education and has learned through hands-on experience and absorbing skill sets from friends and mentors. After years of building furniture, McCafferty began to develop his sculptural practice. He no longer follows drawings, but now builds of his own free will.

McCafferty loves to express his thoughts and feelings in his work, but he also wants people to take away their own interpretation. He likes to compare his pieces to
clouds: ten people can look at a cloud and have ten different visions. McCafferty wants his work to have different meanings to different people. He finds inspiration through nature, his family, and past masters. As he grows, matures, and experiences life so does his art.

He is most proud of the fact that he can sustainably do what he loves to do and has created that atmosphere for his employees. McCafferty believes what sets him apart from others are the customizable collections made to any dimensions. McCafferty and his team understand that every product is an individual, and they want to make sure that our pieces fit perfectly.
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2009  BA – International Business, Wagner College, New York, NY


2023  “Smooth Vast Body of Water” – The Future Perfect, New York, NY

2022  “Transcendence” – The Future Perfect, Los Angeles, CA

2022  “Power of Myth” – Nino Mier Gallery, West Hollywood, CA

2022  “FOG Design and Art” – Gallery Fumi, London, UK

2021  “TOTUM” – by Kyle DeWoody

2021  “Together – The Power of Collaboration” – Gallery Fumi, London, UK

2021  “The Beautiful Grain” – Gallery Fumi, London, UK

2021  “NADA Miami” – Nino Mier Gallery, West Hollywood, CA


2021  30 Piece Outdoor Sculptural Installation – Rockwell Group

2022  16 Piece Sculptural Bench Installation – Rockwell Group

Private & Public Collections

2022  Collection of Bo Buelow and Kris Liggett – Denver, CO

2022  Odunpazari Modern Müze – Eskisehir, Turkey

2021  Collection of Richard & Susan Arregui – Miami, FL

2021  Collection of Jordana Reuben Yechiel – Beverly Hills, CA