JB Blunk

Wood. Clay. Stone. Spirit. These are the elements from which JB Blunk created his work, and a more elemental artist of the postwar era would be hard to find. Blunk proceeded through sheer instinct and in deep conversation with nature; his art was the ultimate expression of a Life Lived off the grid.
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James Blain Blunk was born in Kansas in 1926, and he remained a quintessential. Midwesterner – plainspoken and hard-working. Yet he was also a sculptor of tremendous creative power. His masterwork The Planet (1969), a feat of environmental reclamation on permanent view at the Oakland Museum of California, is carved from a single redwood root structure, all that was left of a majestic tree felled long ago. Like his other large-scale seating forms, it is endlessly inviting, a vast compendium of textured marks or sculpted incident.
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