Christian Woo

Christian Woo is a contemporary furniture designer and manufacturing studio based in Vancouver, Canada. Inspired by the sublime natural setting around him, Woo’s furniture and cabinetry reflect themes of tranquility, scale, and livable harmony. In collaboration with his dedicated team, Christian Woo balances modernity with the tenets of sustainability and the warm humanism of natural materials.
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Born in Madrid and raised in Vancouver, Christian Woo’s design is grounded in his time as a cabinetmaker and wood worker. He was also inspired by his grandfather, who was a skilled artisan and woodworker. This immersion into the craft led to the opening of his own studio in 2006, where he produced works that made a splash in the design world with their clean lines and rich natural materials. Incorporating treated hardwoods and colorful accents, Woo’s sensibility resonated with the contemporary furniture market.
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