PINCH is the London-based design firm created by husband and wife duo Russell Pinch and Oona Bannon. Blending an exceptional material palette with a clear sense of pragmatism, PINCH’s studio is distinguished by its fidelity to simplicity, quality, and elegance – a clear, uncluttered philosophy that resonates with how people wish to live today.
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Russell Pinch, the founder of his eponymous brand in 2004, started his journey after graduating from Ravensbourne College of Design. He gained valuable experience working alongside design luminary Sir Terence Conran, where he was involved in the design of furniture, tabletop accessories, and interiors for the Concorde jet. Drawing inspiration from this interdisciplinary immersion, Russell established his own design agency, which eventually became the incubator for PINCH, located in Clapham. Russell and Oona's studio seamlessly blend traditional and contemporary elements, resulting in their distinctive style.

In 2004, PINCH unveiled their first collection at 100% Design, the UK's largest design trade event. The response from architects, buyers, and designers was overwhelming. Originally intending to propose their designs to potential employers, PINCH and Bannon received encouraging feedback and client interest, which prompted them to establish their independent studio. As demand for their designs continued to grow, PINCH began collaborating with suitable manufacturers to produce their well-received collections. This allowed them to reimagine traditional furniture with a modern twist, giving life to Russell Pinch furniture. It's worth noting that PINCH also excels in the realm of lighting design.

Despite its name, PINCH was founded with a focus on creating enduring pieces. Russell and Oona firmly believe that their designs, like heirlooms, should last for generations and inspire meaningful conversations rather than immediate applause. This somewhat idiosyncratic perspective has garnered them a significant following within the design community, leading to numerous partnerships with industry heavyweights such as SCP and Conran's Benchmark label. Additionally, they collaborated with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver to create a series of wood-handled cutlery.

PINCH pioneers the concept of seamless design and tranquil living through their elegantly raw, enduringly simple, and enchanting creations. With a clear vision, they attribute their success to poetic design that merges beauty and purpose while retaining a lasting and captivating allure.
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2022  “Launch of the Goldwyn House” – The Future Perfect, Los Angeles, CA

2019  “The Chair” – The Future Perfect, New York, NY

2018  “Launch of the Complex” – The Future Perfect, San Francisco, CA