Ultrafragola Mirror

By Ettore Sottsass jr. for POLTRONOVA


Ultrafragola Mirror

By Ettore Sottsass jr. for POLTRONOVA


Ultrafragola mirror/lamp, with its sinuous profile that suggests long wavy hair, belongs to the Mobili Grigi series of complete bedroom and living room furnishings designed by Ettore Sottsass for Poltronova and presented at the third edition of Eurodomus in 1970. With the exception of Ultrafragola, the models never got beyond the prototype phase. "As for the lights that are coming out of “The grey furniture”, don’t tombs always have a trembling light to illuminate the blue of the spirits wandering in the valley of dust? Don’t submarines have a trembling green light in their belly? The lights anyway are supposed to come out from the fibreglass bodies, like the ever glowing of the breast’s white skin, like the ever—glowing of the penis red head in pornographic nights, something of this kind: I mean something like the Japanese lights of the glow worm that are turning the nights into matter." Ettore Sottsass jr., 1970

Technical Specifications








Opaline PETG, Mirror, LED or Neon Light System.


L 39.4" x W 5" x H 76.8"

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