Table Lamp

By Floris Wubben

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After six years of innovative research in extruding ceramics, Studio Floris Wubben undertook a new step in their exploration. In their latest collection, specifically created for The Future Perfect, you’ll recognize familiar extruded shapes, but now they have been connected with other extruded designs and united with different materials, such as glass and wood. These clever conjugations allow for new functional objects to arise.
This new collection is inspired by the robust architecture of war bunkers.  During his youth, designer Floris Wubben spent a great deal of time in these old Dutch bunkers in the dunes and forests of the province of Zeeland. This solid and functional defense architecture, which contains geometrical shapes, has always fascinated Floris. Wubben sees a resemblance with the shapes of his ceramic designs, which are the outcome of pressing ceramic through a self-made extrusion machine.
Various extruded ceramic components are put together, and materials are combined in this collection. For example, in the Bunker Cabinet, wood is added to the ceramic shapes, which gives the object an interesting contrast in material. For the Ceramic Mirror, glass is added. Every material has its own properties, which therefore allows for new possibilities in shapes and construction to appear.

Table Lamp

By Floris Wubben

Price Upon Request

Technical Specifications


Floris Wubben


The Netherlands.


One of a Kind






W 12" x D 12" x H 21.6"

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