Neolithic Vase 3

By Mauricio Paniagua & Tony Moxham


Neolithic Vase 3

By Mauricio Paniagua & Tony Moxham



The neo-neo collection is an exploration in reverse of brutalism, neolithic architecture and culture, and civilizations in collapse. It began with Mauricio Paniagua and Tony Moxham appropriating pieces of broken Mexico City sidewalk from around their apartment in the Roma neighborhood, which we then slip-cast in ceramic to create neolithic inspired forms with the assembled pieces. Collectively, they represent a fantasy of dystopian ruin-porn, the leftovers of civilizations, the cult of death, and the idea that in the end nature will get us all. Mauricio Paniagua and Tony Moxham live and work in Mexico City, and their work reflects an intimate knowledge of pre-hispanic Mesoamerican culture, design, and ritual. Their ceramic works are laboriously hand pieced in Mexico City by a crew of artisans whose skills vary little from pre-hispanic times. They work as artists within the design industry, albeit with a focus rarely on regular design problem solving. Much of their work is treated as sculpture regardless of function, and as artwork can also be appreciated for it’s design merit and technical proficiency.

2-4 Weeks Lead-Time

Technical Specifications

Lead Time

2-4 Weeks




One of a Kind




Ceramic with Waterproofing Finish.


L 14" x W 8" x H 5.5"

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