Origin Vessel with Animals III

By Kristin Victoria Barron


The Origin collection is based on a dream the artist had in which she was kneeling in an immense open meadow, and it was the beginning of the earth, and thus the beginning of time. Hundreds of animals and birds were quietly grazing; the sun soft, warm and high in the sky, and as she watched them, she had the feeling of complete, quiet ecstasy. It was a feeling of complete harmony, and the animals felt entirely free and natural. Many of them were similar to contemporary animals; however, at the same time, unidentifiable, as they clearly came from a primordial place and time. Their fur, size and features had an unfamiliar quality. Some of the animals were the size of dinosaurs, yet they were not threatening. Her physical body was very small by comparison. All were content, both the animals and artist, and she felt a wave of peace come over her as she remained with them in the gentle sun. Barron had the sense that she had been in this place for a very long time, and that it had never been inhabited by humans. It was a feeling of perfect harmony and solitude. Kristin Victoria Barron is an American designer, who founded her multidisciplinary studio practice in 2005, and produces a broad range of work including hand-finished lighting, decorative objects, and vessels, distinguished by their romantic material palette of brass, burled wood, and cast bronze. Each piece emerges from the artist’s dream journals, which are transformed from repeated sketches to sculpted forms and then individual pieces, and characterized by her dream-like blend of mythical and modern elements, quixotic aesthetic, and fine craftsmanship.

Origin Vessel with Animals III

By Kristin Victoria Barron



12-14 Weeks Lead-Time

Technical Specifications

Lead Time

12-14 Weeks




One of a Kind




Glazed ceramic (raku clay).


Dia. 8.5" x H 21.5"


16.5 lbs.

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