Chijyo Ougon

By Ryosuke Yazaki


Yazaki’s sculptures are transcendental handmade forms from carved wood, clay, and terracotta. These are visceral sculptures more easily experienced than described: organic spherical forms conjoined by sinuous joints; clusters of geode-like shapes that evoke unknown extra-terrestrial worlds; and enigmatic terracotta works that could be relics unearthed from an ancient civilization.
Describing his unforgettable works, forged largely from primitive, elemental materials, the artist has stated: "Looking at something – and having something appear in the space around that object – is the true strength and spirit of the artwork. It is not in what you see, but what appears in the absent space, as well as what you feel from the invisible entity within each piece that brings it to life.”

Chijyo Ougon

By Ryosuke Yazaki


2-4 Weeks Lead-Time

Technical Specifications

Lead Time

2-4 Weeks




One of a Kind




Hinoki tonoko Akakin Wax


W 7.8" x D 2.9" x H 2.2"

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