Geo Transition Mirror 1

By Chen Chen & Kai Williams

Assembling contrasting impulses and materials into a stunning and fluid sort of cohesion, Chen Chen and Kai Williams have produced an immediately iconic line of mirrors. Named as a reference to silver’s classification as a “transition metal”, the Transition Mirrors are made by a process wherein a silver nitrate solution is poured onto clear glass, chemically bonding to the surface. The moment of transition, which occurs at the contoured edge of the silver, is an intentional point of fragility in the construction of the surface, resulting in an extraordinary moment of delicate beauty. When treated with care, these mirrors are sure to age into quintessential pieces in the oeuvre of these prolific collaborators.

Geo Transition Mirror 1

By Chen Chen & Kai Williams


Technical Specifications


United States


One of a Kind




Various stones, glass, steel.


Dia. 30" x W 1.5"


No solvents should be used to clean the back side of the mirror. Dusting should be done gently as the lacquer can be scratched and be visible from the front.


Custom commissions up to 36" in diameter upon request. Please inquire directly.

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