Night Aubergine

Calico Wallpaper

$28.00 Per square foot

Calico Wallpaper's method embodies years of research in the various disciplines in paper marbling, which have spanned the globe. The arts of Suminagashi and Ebru, emanating from Japan and Turkey respectively centuries ago are both evident in the collection. However, it is their expansion of these practices that makes Calico Wallpapers truly unique. By drawing from each of these forms they have created something entirely different.
Like the color of a royal, Aubergine is exquisite and refined beyond measure.

Night Aubergine

Calico Wallpaper

$28.00 Per square foot

10-12 Weeks Lead-Time

Technical Specifications


Night Collection

Lead Time

10-12 Weeks


United States


Made to Order


Type II Substrate fire-rated class A according to ASTM E84.
Washable, scuff resistant, moisture and heat tolerant.


Calico Wallpaper is customized to fit project dimensions and appears seamless when installed.
The maximum width of panels is 52".