Paradiso Collection

Calico Wallpaper

$28.00 Price per square foot

Paradiso is the Italian word for “Paradise” or “Heaven”. An otherworldly space filled with lush greenery of mythical proportions, Paradiso encapsulates the feeling of being completely enveloped by the rainforest.

Drawing on the time-honored tradition of the palm print wallpapers, the Paradiso Collection acts as Calico’s own spin on the jungle motif as a non-repeating custom mural, setting it apart from its iconic predecessors.

The Paradiso Collection is inspired by larger than life scale of vegetation in the rainforest.

Paradiso Collection

Calico Wallpaper

$28.00 Price per square foot

Technical Specifications


United States


Made to Order




Eco-friendly printable pearlescent clay-coated substrate that is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified and manufactured carbon neutral using 100% renewable electricity. It has a non-vinyl composition and is PVC-Free.


Calico Wallpaper is customized to fit project dimensions and appears seamless when installed.


9.3 oz per linear yd.

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