Sacred Geometries Tessellation Caviar

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Explores concepts of symmetry through tiling - the creation of a plane through repetition of geometric shapes with no overlap. Tessellations abound in nature with pattern of crystals, honeycombs, lava flows.
The Sacred Geometries collection from Callidus Guild is a practice in natural mathematical form and structure. Based upon strict lines and angles, this collection manages to maintain critical organic fluidity. Symmetry and shape are balanced by pattern randomization to create visual harmony in all of the featured surfaces.
Balance, coordination and order are central to the Sacred Geometries collection - each pattern is incised, cut and measured to exact specifications. Papers are customized and each layout is entirely unique, made to fit the space it occupies. Clusters of texture are organically distributed over sheets of wallpaper to create a one-of-a-kind orchestration, introducing the perfect amount of entropy to the formal organization of pattern.

Sacred Geometries Tessellation Caviar

Price Upon Request

Technical Specifications


United States


Made to Order


Panel: W 29" x custom length.

Minimum order is 35 yards.
Sold by the linear yard.


Wallpapersare deliverable internationally.
Eco-friendly, easy to hang and A-1 fire rated.

Custom color matching to a swatch or paint chip is available.