Floris Wubben New York May 7 - June 21, 2024

Experience BRICK, an exhibition of new works from Dutch artist Floris Wubben, on view now in The Future Perfect’s New York gallery. Bricks are the most used ceramic product in the world, and they fascinate this artist. It is a ubiquitous yet understated object that shapes many architectural environments.

Drawing on the history of Dutch brickmaking, Wubben has chosen to highlight that bricks are often made of clay sourced from the areas surrounding their fabrication places, thus making them unique to their point of origin. “Each brick,” writes the artist “is the result of a specific clay composition and production method, resulting in objects that are at once visually uniform yet physically local and individualized.”

For Wubben, the extruded Groninger brick stands out for its blend of craftsmanship, historical significance, and practical utility. The clay used to make this Dutch brick is sourced from the Dollard Polder, an area located in the Northern Netherlands and is ideal for extrusion due to its naturally greasy texture, which allows for precise shaping and molding. For BRICK, Wubben has utilized this distinctive Dutch red clay to explore his interest and connection to it.

Most of the pieces are created using hand-built extrusion machines, resulting in diverse extrusions. Influenced by traditional brick construction techniques, this project combines these extrusions with cement to create innovative shapes and large furniture pieces. For BRICK, Wubben has found the connections between traditional brickmaking, his contemporary design practice, and international architectural history, summoning them into coalescence in The Future Perfect’s New York home.

Floris Wubben BRICK is supported as part of the DutchCultureUSA program by the Consulate General of the Netherlands in New York.

Exhibited Works