Two Bodies

Rafi Ajl San Francisco June 6 - July 19, 2024

Experience Two Bodies, a solo exhibition of new works by Berkeley-based artist Rafi Ajl, on view now at The Future Perfect’s San Francisco gallery.

The show’s title derives from Ajl’s two distinct bodies of work on display: “Erratics,” a series of wood, brass, and aluminum furniture pieces bejeweled with brass remnants, and “Saguaro Works,” Ajl’s glasswork, which introduces entirely new mold-making process and technique to the craft. Two Bodies demonstrates Ajl’s deep reverence for and familiarity with his materials, seeking out new possibilities embedded within them.

“Erratics” takes inspiration from nature. Erratics are chunks of rock enclosed in glaciers. As the glaciers move, these rocks fall away, depositing themselves in places outside the rocks’ normal context. For Ajl, “Erratics” was born from using scrap material as study and play. This approach was quick and gestural.

“Rafi’s deep-seated appreciation for craft and ability to reinvent classic processes to create singular pieces make him an incredible addition to The Future Perfect’s ever-expanding roster of artists and designers and to the gallery’s San Francisco location,” says Laura Young, Gallery Director at The Future Perfect.

The ‘erratics’ become jewel-like moments (brass, metal, wood, and steel) that can disrupt or be absorbed into the forms ––  walnut, elm, white oak, mahogany, and spalted sycamore trees. Whether they are brass rings encased in the wood, brass ‘teeth’ set atop the chair’s ear, reinterpreted hammered spindles, or wood blocks set as patchwork in a chair back, “Erratics” envisions forgotten remnants as a new opportunity.

For Ajl’s “Saguaro Works,” over 40 vessels were produced in the past year for this show. All will be on display for Two Bodies, as well as four tables, which feature glass legs and ‘super-matte’ brush aluminum tops.

Two Bodies will be on view in The Future Perfect’s San Francisco gallery space through July 19th, 2024.

Exhibited Works