Alana Burns

Alana Burns (b. 1988, Mexico) lives and works in Mexico City, Mexico. Her work as an artist started with poetry and an investigation of nostalgia and time. Today her art takes the form of wax painting, she transforms colored wax into floating worlds, returning the material to its essence. Her sculptural project is an exploration, too, of how small interventions and attentions might transform and make in solid form the ephemeral ideas of memory, using the form of the shell as a starting point and thus as a collaborator to create an everyday treasure.
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Solo Exhibitions

2021  Ocasión Mexico Embassy in Japan, Tokyo Japan

2021  Cúmulo Momoroom Gallery Mexico City, Mexico


Group Exhibitions

2024  “Inner Space” – The Future Perfect, Los Angeles, CA

2023  Té ahorita Salon Rosetta, Mexico City, Mexico

2023  House Warming Studio Wright, Mexico City, Mexico

2022  Vidrierı́a Machete Machete Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico

2022  Hole Obra Gris Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico