Arnout Visser

Arnout Visser has been working on his own as well as on commissioned collections since 1991, bridging disciplines from product to furniture and interior to graphic design: employing a wide variety of materials from glass and ceramics to plastics, metal and even water. Ideas for his designs are often initiated by physical or mechanical laws. If he has any preference, it’s perhaps for glass and its multiple applications: from the useful to the decorative, he forms these shapes into innovative functions. In this way he follows the great tradition of inventors and scientists, satisfying his fascination with unlimited applications of the ancient material, glass.
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Visser’s work, awarded with many international prizes, is easily recognizable by its strict adherence to the basic purpose of the object, giving it the definitive form required to fulfil its function. He is an ingenious disciple of the great tradition of the Bauhaus and its derivative movements, although with a unique sense of humor. For when he decides to add a personal touch, it is unexpected, a glimpse of what he calls a “private joke” between him and his medium that speaks of a relationship between man and matter far beyond the purely functional.
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1990    Master at Domus Academy, Milan, Cum Laude, Subject: research in a positive choice for the use of recycled materials
1984-89 Academy of Arts, Arnhem, 3D design and products

Select Solo Exhibitions

2018    Enter the past and see the future, Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen, The Netherlands
2018    25 years of Droog, Gallery Droog, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2018    Exhibition for Bernadine de Neeve Glass price, Mechelen, Belgium, Amstelveen, The Netherlands; one of the 3 nominees
2018    Bob Smith Gallery, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2017    Bob Smith Gallery, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2017    Exhibition at Art Fair Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2015    Exhibition ‘Mushroom’, House of Smart, Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
2015    Glass vehicle of the future, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2014    Atelier Arnout Visser, Gallery Droog Design in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2013    Atelier Arnout Visser, Gallery Droog Design in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2010    Blown to Life, National Glass Museum Leerdam, The Netherlands
2008    Top pieces in Today’s Ceramics, Gorcums Museum, Gorichem, The Netherlands
2007    On Time, The Beyer Clock and Watch Museum, Zurich, Switzerland
2007    The Glass Jungle, National Glass Museum, Leerdam, The Netherlands
2006    World improvers, National Glass Museum, Leerdam, The Netherlands
2006    Bush Glass Workshop Output, Nairobi, Kenya

Select Group Exhibitions

2018    Enlightened Design, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2018    Dubai’s DeLight, Dubai, Dubai
2018    Enlightened Design IMM, Cologne, Germany
2017    Enlightened Design, Group Exhibition, London, England
2017    Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Toilet, Group Museum Cube, Kerkrade, The Netherlands
2017    Independent Designing, Gallery Library, Zelhem, The Netherlands
2016    Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Milan, Italy
2016    Organic in Dutch Design Hotel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2014    Waste Not Want Not, Biennale Interieur Kortrijk, Belgium
2009    The World as Workspace, Temporary National Glass Museum, Leerdam, The Netherlands
2007    Seoul Design Week, Seoul, South Korea
2007    100% Design Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan