Monty J

New York based artist Monty J. Mattison, known simply as Monty J, creates one-of-a kind, highly collectible, dreamlike sculptural vessels and planters. Born in Detroit, Michigan, Monty was captivated by clay from a young age when he was introduced to the medium in a kindergarten class. In 2013, Monty joined New York functional art collective Gray Space, and began working with ceramics full time.
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Central to Monty’s creative process is facilitating a sense of dialogue, between the vessel, it’s inhabitant (often a living plant) and the beholder. “I like things that can be of use as opposed to just appreciated statically on the wall,” the artist says. “It’s there with you and you have to tend to it, so it’s much more personal to me.”

Monty’s pieces - when used for plants - offer a sense of juxtaposition and creative wonder when the organic (plant) meets the inorganic (vessel). The result is a highly collectible object that feels entirely unique, and almost alive itself. Accordingly, his works are given monikers that speak to their individuated personalities, like Sharon, Lola or Lydia. “With my sculptures I seek to form a partnership with nature, to create an ecosystem where nature is the star and I am simply creating the stage,” the designers says.
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Mess: Expressionism and Experimentation in Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition

Mess: Expressionism and Experimentation in Contemporary Ceramics

November 7, 2019 - January 1, 2020