Rahee Yoon

Rahee Yoon is a Seoul-based designer and artist. She majored in extensive crafts, including metalwork, textiles, ceramics, and woodworking. In 2017, she opened her own studio and has since presented a wide array of artworks.
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Her works are characterized by the unique subtlety imbued in each piece. They essentially represent an experiment with the nature of various materials, blending their raw features with serendipitous effects, resulting in erratic yet straightforward visuals. These boundary-transcending pieces express themselves in a simple and reticent manner through composed and intuitive forms.

In particular, Yoon has challenged the conventional perception of acrylic, conducting profound research on this key material for over 8 years. Her works manifest based on the image and juxtaposition of adjectives as modifiers and verbs as states of being, such as 'to permeate deeply,' 'subtly refract,' and 'simply overlap.'

All of her works and interpretations are created by her own hands. They achieve a highly aesthetic quality through close collaborations with specialized engineers in Seoul and small workshops across Korea
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2023  “Design Miami” – The Future Perfect, Miami, FL

2023  ‘Frieze x Mulberry’ – Hwigyumjae, Seoul

2023  ‘Urbanlike: Book and Space’ – Amomento, Seoul

2023  ‘Jeong’ – The Future Perfect, New York

2022  ‘Raw Sphere’ – Print Bakery, Seoul

2022  ‘Morning Calm’ – Francis Gallery, Los Angeles

2022  ‘Language of Light’ – Nonfiction, Paris

2022  ‘Collectible’ – Vanderborght Building, Brussels

2022  ‘Soft is Hard: Silver Edition x SAA’ – factory2, Seoul

2021  ‘1000 VASES’ – Superstudio Più, Milan

2021  ‘These’ – Boon The Shop, Seoul

2021  ‘담다’ – Yeol, Seoul

2021  ‘Unparasite’ – Platform L, Seoul

2020  ‘DDP Design Fair’ – DDP, Seoul

2020  ‘Beyond Heritage’ – Maritime Museum, Mokpo

2020  ‘여항 공예’ – JANGSAENGHO, Seoul

2020  ‘FRITZ HANSEN _ Movement In Silence’ – MONOHA, Seoul

2019  ‘The Wonbon Maker in Jongno’ – KCDF gallery, Seoul

2019  ‘Cava Life’ – Taupe, Seoul

2019  ‘Sound On Matiere’ – Orer, Seoul

2019  ‘민화:일상의 공간’ – Onyang Folk Museum, Asan

2018  ‘Craft Trend Fair’ – Coex, Seoul