Rug and textile design firm Kasthall has been a revolutionary staple in international rug design since 1889. From their factory in Kinna, West Sweden, the design firm has forged a reputation for innovation and exceptional craftsmanship, producing hand-tufted rugs and artisan floor coverings for clients and spaces all over the world for more than 120 years.
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Founded after the introduction of electricity to Sweden, designer and entrepreneur Ludvig Anderson started Kasthall as the first carpet factory in the country. Within a few years, Kasthall’s output had expanded to include curtains. Due to the luxurious fabrics, modern design aesthetics, and a creative work environment, Kasthall quickly became a staple of the international design world, reaching across boundaries to establish its reputation as a world leader in textiles.

With a nod to tradition and first-rate work materials, Kasthall has found a way to honor the company’s rich legacy whilst continuing to push the design envelope. Designers all over the world flock to Kasthall for its innovation in yarn types, incredibly intricate design work and legacy of out of the box production techniques. Conscious of environmental impact, Kasthall carpets began incorporating natural materials such as linen and wool to decrease the negative environmental impact while maintaining its classic quality.

Kasthall has always embraced the art and design world, incorporating disparate influences into its collections. These include ranges such as Dag&Natt, designer Petra Lundblad’s dreamy interpretations based on clouds and sky phenomena; Tekla, a textural rug collection that includes bold confetti-like infusions of colors; and the iconic Archipelago, which interprets Sweden’s rugged natural landscapes through the changing seasons. Always at the vanguard of form and function, Kasthall rug pieces possess the ability to transform empty spaces into living artworks.

Kasthall launched a newly designed line inspired by international architecture in April 2016 with three new hand tufted rugs, which incorporate three dimensional textures and illustrative patterns in designs by Maja Johansson. The company collaborates with contemporary designers such as Ingrid Dessau, Viola Gråsten and Astrid Sampe, as well as longtime partners and designers Paola Navone, Jean-Marie Massaud, Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg and Petra Lundblad. These relationships are grounded in the heritage and historical significance of the brand, whilst continuing to produce top of the line craftsmanship and innovative aesthetics.
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