Harvest Collection

By Ellinor Eliasson for Kasthall

Price Upon Request

Harvest is a creation of the Kasthall design studio, which saw an opportunity to further the company’s environmental stewardship by making use of leftover spools of yarn from the production process. The Harvest range consists of modern woven rugs in color-shifting hues, made entirely from residual yarn, each rug with a unique appearance. Kasthall started sorting residual spools of yarn left over from the production of other rugs into six different color groups: green, grey, red/yellow, pink/purple, blue and brown/beige. These are then used to weave three-shuttle rugs, and when one spool ends a new one in another color is added, thereby creating an exciting, color-shifting surface. In order to give the Harvest rugs an even greater mark of distinction, and differentiating them from Kasthall’s existing woven rugs, Harvest rugs are framed with a unique edge, in which the color-shifts in the rug is repeated and mixed.

Harvest Collection

By Ellinor Eliasson for Kasthall

Price Upon Request

10-12 Weeks Lead-Time

Technical Specifications



Lead Time

10-12 Weeks




Made to Order


Weft Material: 100% Wool. Warp Material: 100% Linen.


Customized to order per project dimensions.


Regular cleaning is important. For basic cleaning, we recommend a professional carpet cleaner.


Kasthall Rugs are all made to order. Dimensions are completely customizable. Please inquire directly for more information.

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